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POP & Specialty Installation

We’ll Get Your Product to Market and Make It POP

POP displays are ideal for showcasing products and getting right in front of your customers. But when you aren’t on site, you can’t control where the product will be placed or whether it’s been properly assembled.

This is why customers turn to Sharpe Signs for their POP displays and specialty installations. Through clear and constant communication, we help you regain that feeling of control and know with confidence that your display is set up for success.

Over the past several decades, we have participated in everything from local launches to national rollouts.

Our Job Is to Make Yours Easier

This type of work is about logistics more than anything else. Without the right level of organization and communication, multi-location rollouts can quickly become stressful and chaotic. This is never the case when you choose Sharpe to oversee your project.

As part of our POP and specialty installation services, we guarantee:

  • Clear and proactive communication from our team. You’ll never be left in the dark with us!
  • Impeccable organization. When there are many moving parts in a project—as is the case with national rollouts—it’s easy to lose track and fall behind. Clients continue to choose us for this type of work because they know that we are dependable and will assemble their POP displays in a timely and efficient manner. We are well-versed in multi-location rollouts and know how to juggle the various aspects of these projects to ensure a smooth and positive outcome.
  • Flawless assembly. Whether your display needs to be assembled on-site or arrives ready to go, we will ensure that the finished product functions exactly as intended.
  • Versatility and a natural eye for detail. Sometimes when we arrive at a location, we find that there’s an even better place to assemble your display. This is when we’ll communicate with you and leverage our decades of experience to place your product in the most strategic area possible.
  • Teamwork to guarantee maximum speed and efficiency. These types of projects require clear communication not only with the client, but within our own team. Here at Sharpe, our tight-knit crew works like a well-oiled machine to finish the job on-time and on-budget.

Do It Right With Sharpe

We know that you don’t get a second chance to launch a new product. That’s why we use our 35 plus years of experience to ensure your project will go smoothly from start to finish. Count on our crew to get your product to market in Southern California while making you look fabulous every step of the way!

To learn more about our POP and specialty installations, call Sharpe Signs at 818.203.8701 or contact us online today.

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