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Comprehensive Signage Makeover Overview
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Service Signage Installation

Sharpe Signs Partners With MLE to Revamp CarMax Operation

An Entire Transformation in Just One Weekend

Working with longtime signage partner MLE, Sharpe Signs managed a full-scale signage overhaul for a CarMax facility in Southern California. The installation project consisted of many moving parts as the client needed everything from dimensional lettering to vinyl wall wraps to small directional signage and artwork photographs. The entire install was completed over the course of one weekend during off-hours so the facility could maintain its daytime hours. Working closely with the contractor, Sharpe Signs scheduled out the installation and visited the location several times beforehand to ensure the site was ready for the installation. We were given patterns and detailed instructions that needed to be followed without any room for error. To meet these specifications, we used scissor lifts in the drive-through service area to install the wall wraps. We also utilized a simple scaffold setup for the interior dimensional letters that were installed throughout the store. Lastly, we installed vinyl displays of the facility’s hours and smaller signage in the service area. Our work resulted in a complete branding makeover to drastically enhance the facility’s interior and make CarMax look Sharpe with its brand new look!