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Sharpe Signs Brings Stamina to Install Floor and Wall Graphics for Los Angeles Gym

Using Our Expertise to Overcome the Hurdles

Working with local painting contractor and longtime partner The Rodin Group, Inc., Sharpe Signs was tasked with painting epoxy wayfinding wall graphics and floor graphics for 707 Wilshire’s Vault Gym in downtown Los Angeles. The project consisted of climbing wall graphics, floor directional graphic stripes leading to the gym, as well as wall, floor and entry door wayfinding graphics in the garage for bikers traveling to the gym.

Before beginning work, we conducted several site surveys to ensure the site was properly prepared and that the graphics could be executed as designed. Several changes needed to be made on-site with the cooperation of the general contractor and designer. This project required an especially high level of communication to coordinate each install and ensure minimal disruption to the busy garage. In addition, the floor needed to be sandblasted before applying the quick dry epoxy paint. The biggest challenge was accelerating the drying times as the surfaces needed several coats of paint.

It was an all-hands-on-deck project that required constant and clear communication to properly accelerate the drying times without sacrificing quality. The entire project happened over the course of a month, as all of the work needed to be completed on weekends. Relying on our years of problem-solving experience, we were able to double down and pivot as needed to complete the job on-time and at the level of quality promised.